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my dear mensies
Majo video

My Dear Mensies,

Thank you for making me stronger and teaching me how to become a better woman and human being. Watch 'till the end to discover what we have to say to our Mensie Girl!

And what about you? What would you say to your mensie? 

ana video

My Dear Mensies,

We all have something special to say. Besides the challenges, the pain, and awkward moments we have been through, we're thankful you are here.

And what about you? What would you say to your Mensie?


period teacher
exercise during your period
exercise benefits

Meet your favorite period teacher, in today's class, we want to give you a few helpful tips! 

It's your period title

Let's make it easier to talk about periods!

friends talking
trust nature
nature logo

Let's Make It Easier To Trust Nature!


Did you know that CBD is commonly used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia? 

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