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Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Easy Mensies is your BFF. Is like to your best friend, you can call her anytime and she'll be there for you.

We know what is like to go to school, work, or any daily activity with menstrual cramps and we wanted to create a solution that could really work in tackling the pain while being discrete enough so that nobody knows that you have it on.

The patch is so thin that you can still wear it under your clothes or even a bathing suit! You can even carry them in your wallet or your purse so that you are always prepare. A good tip is to be proactive and to treat the menstrual cramps as soon as you feel them to prevent them from becoming worse.

Our founder remembers having to go to school, work, and even on vacation with a heating pad having to explain to everyone that she was on her days just because there wasn't anything else on the market that worked for her pain until she tried CBD.

The patch was created so that the transdermal technology can release small doses of CBD throughout the day while you continue conquering the world!

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